The excellent Reviews keep rolling in for the My Car Credit team and this month it’s Kirsty Dronfield who’s been voted Employee of the Month. Here’s what one customer had to say:


“Kirsty Dronfield is an asset to My Car Credit. In my opinion she deserves a hefty increase. Her professionalism shone through time and time again. Very helpful and kept me informed throughout the process of my application.” Schaffernicht


Well done Kirsty and tell us a bit more about yourself!


my car credit employee of the month

Kirsty (left) with team leader Anthony Thomas


What is your dream car?
A blue Ford Anglia like in Harry Potter (especially if it can fly!)


What is your pet peeve?


What is your favourite meal?
Dippy egg and soldiers


Other than this award, have you ever won anything and what was it?
Once, I got an award in football for commitment (basically for just turning up)


If you could be on a TV gameshow, what would it be?
Fun House


Who would play you in a film?
Renee Zellweger


What one thing are people surprised to find out about you?
Not really sure on this one, sorry!


What’s the best thing about working with My Car Credit?
Other than it being a great company to work for, my general knowledge of cars has increased hugely as I knew practically nothing about them before I joined!