Applying for anything finance related can be a bit daunting so My Car Credit try and make it as easy and straight forward as possible.


With finance applications comes paperwork, but don’t worry My Car Credit are here to assist you with that – every step of the way.



To begin your car buying journey, we will need you to complete our online application form, this generally takes less than three minutes and we provide an instant online finance decision.

Our online application form will ask for personal details such as your full name, date of birth, marital status, residential status (own your home, renting, living with parents, etc.) and your full address history for at least the last three years.

Once this has been completed and you have received your online decision onscreen and via email and text, your personal Car Credit Specialist will be in touch to guide you through the whole of your car buying journey.

To be able to help you with this, your Car Credit Specialist will require some paperwork from you.


It is important to take note that the types of paperwork we will require can differ depending on your credit profile and the funder we are able to match you with.


Below is a list of the types of paperwork and information you could be asked for when applying for car finance with My Car Credit:



Driving Licence

Your driving licence will be required regardless of your credit profile and lender.


We would need a clear, scanned picture of your driving licence. Alternatively, you can post it to us – don’t worry, we will keep this safe for you and will return it you once we are happy that it is your own driving license and you have proved to us that you are qualified to drive the car that you are looking to buy.


Your driving license also acts as proof that you will be the owner and registered keeper of your new car.



A Selfie

With the rise of technology, the options to identify our customers has never been easier, we may ask you to provide a selfie holding your own driving license.

This is a measure we have put in place to prove you are who you say you are in your application and to prevent fraud.



Proof of employment and earnings

We will need you to provide the names and addresses of all of your employers for at least the last three years (maybe longer if you have changed jobs a lot or have gaps in your employment history).
If you are required to prove your earnings, you will be asked to send us copies of your payslips, usually 3-6 months’ worth. This will be proof that your wages are being paid to you.


You may need to provide bank statements dating back for a certain period to show your income. If most of your income is cash and doesn’t show up in your bank statements, you may need to show other information to back up your income claims (such as tax return information).


We may ask if you can send in original copies of your payslips and bank statements or take a clear photograph/clear scanned copy and email them to us, they must be clear enough for us to be able to read all of the details on them.


My Car Credit require this information so we are treating you, as our customer fairly – we need to be able to see that you can manage your finances and can afford the agreement you are looking to take out. We often refer to this as an ‘affordability check’ and it’s basically us protecting you from getting into any financial difficulty in the future.




Bank Account Details

We will also need the bank account details for the account you will be using for your monthly payments.


You will need to provide us with the branch’s address and sort code as well as your account number.


The account usually needs to be in your name (or jointly in your name). Again, if you have less than three years with your current bank, you will probably need to provide previous bank details.


If there are any problems with any of your documentation, your personal Car Credit Specialist will advise you and in some cases may require extra information/clearer proofs etc. – this isn’t uncommon and it’s certainly nothing to worry about. It’s all about us making sure we get the finance deal right for you.


Here at My Car Credit, want you to be in your new car as soon as possible so we are trained to help and advise you Monday – Fridays 8.30am – 7.30pm and Saturdays 9am – 4pm.



Why not start your car buying journey now and click here to apply with My Car Credit?

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