The whole world is being driven by smart technology, and the car industry is no exception. From the giants of Google and Apple, to ingenious tech start-ups, everyone is trying to provide a better driving experience through their apps. To give you a little steer in the right direction, we’ve got a list of our top car apps.




waze app







Waze is easily one of the best car apps around. Essentially, it’s the most comprehensive route-planning app on the market, taking every factor into account to suggest the best journey possible. Waze tells you about live traffic conditions and gives you optimised alternative routes in real-time. It also lets you know about upcoming speed cameras as well as driving hazards. These hazards include road closures, construction delays and even sneaky potholes.


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drivvo app







If you’re the kind of person that isn’t knowledgeable about cars, Drivvo is the app for you. It lets you keep track of almost every service and maintenance issue you could encounter. You can also use Drivvo to keep a track of your vehicle expenses (such as fuel, maintenance and tax). If that isn’t enough, it will also update you when you need to refill your car with petrol or get your next car service – useful!


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Smart Dash Cam


smart dash cam app review







Having a black box is perfect for some drivers but having a dedicated dash cam can be hassle and/or expensive. Enter Smart Dash Cam, this free app transforms the camera on your smart phone into a dash cam. You can set the app to only operate at specific times in your journey that you know will be particularly hazardous. You can also use any other apps whilst using it – music, route-planning, etc.





petrol prices app review







Petrol is one of the most expensive parts of having a car, so it’s understandable that many of us try to organise our journeys around where we can fill up our cars for a good price. Well, PetrolPrices is here to help make that a whole lot easier. Over 97% of the UK’s petrol stations are on the app! So, next time you need to fill up the car on your way somewhere – fire up PetrolPrices.


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parkopedia app review







How many of us have taken in most of the city from a car window with our necks craned out of the window, driving round in ever frustrating circles trying to find somewhere to park? According to Parkopedia: too many! This app records the location of over 70 million parking spaces, in 15,000 cities across 89 countries. With those kinds of numbers, finding a car parking space should become a lot easier.


Visit Parkopedia here.



Car apps are there to make your driving experience as smooth as it possibly can be. From planning the best journey and plotting out petrol stops along the way, to keeping track of your car expenses and making sure you capture video of any potential dangers or accidents on the roads – these car apps have got you covered when you’re behind the wheel. Plus, when it’s finally time to get out and give the legs a stretch, parking the car will be easy as you like!