Be honest with yourself, at some point you’ve judged somebody by the car that they drive. We know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but sometimes it’s far too fun! So, here’s some of the car brands and stereotypes people have about them.*




Hatchbacks have been the starting car for almost everyone, but some people just can’t seem to break themselves of the habit. Here’s some of our stereotypical hatchback hunches:


• Volkswagen Beetle – Estate agents, hairdressers and happy-go-lucky types.
• Peugeots – Elderly teachers and university lecturers with a boot full of boxes.
• Vauxhall Corsa – Boy and girl racers starting out.
• VW Golf GTIs – Boy and girl racers that have graduated from the Corsa school.
• Toyota – It’s written into the T&Cs that only a boring person can buy a Toyota.




Saloons are often thought of as being the compulsory car of suited and booted business types, and if we’re honest, it’s probably true. Here’s our sly saloon stereotypes:


• BMW – Yuppie suit type – younger.
• Mercedes – Yuppie suit type – older.
• Audi – Yuppie suit types who like to think they’re not a yuppie suit type.
• Jaguars – Former aristocrats, who refer to everyone outside of their friends as ‘new money’.
• Volvo – Steady Eddies who like safety and reliability, a lot.
• Subaru – Extreme racers, there is a 9/10 chance that they could probably fix your car in any scenario.




4X4s are reserved for those that are starting to make their way or have already reached the top of the ladder of success. Here’s our favourable 4×4 mentions:


• Land Rovers – Middle aged tweed-clad couples with a Collie in the boot.
• Range Rovers – Yummy mummies and football players.


Whether it’s a lifestyle symbol, childhood dream or just a matter of practicality – there’s no denying that certain people are drawn to certain cars. Perhaps this says something about the importance we place on cars, and perhaps our cars do actually say a lot about who we are – even if they don’t, you can still spot car stereotypes from a mile off!


*Disclaimer: there is no offence meant by the following stereotypes, they are exclusively for comic purposes.