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Purchasing a new car is expensive. Whether you’re going for a top of the range electric SUV, a modest petrol estate, or a nearly new diesel saloon, purchasing a car is likely to be the second highest expensive you ever face, second only to a house.

Most drivers just don’t have the cash upfront to be able to pay for a car. That’s where car finance comes in. Read on to discover what car finance is, how it will work for you, and where to find car finance in Northampton.
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  • You are a home owner
  • You have been on the electoral role for a long period of time
  • You have current credit arrangements and mortgage with no defaults
  • You have no CCJs, credit arrears or missed payments
  • You rarely apply for credit
  • You are employed or self-employed


  • You are on the electoral role
  • You are a home owner or long standing tenant
  • You have a stable employment history
  • You have current credit arrangements with occasional missed payments
  • You have no CCJs


  • You are or have recently been on the electoral role
  • You may have recently changed address
  • You may have occasional missed payments
  • You may have an old CCJ
  • You may have regularly applied for credit


  • You may have had frequent changes in address
  • You may not be traceable on the voters roll
  • You may have exceeded credit card limits
  • You may have missed payments on current agreements
  • You may have had a CCJ in the past


  • You may not be traceable on the voters roll
  • Your credit cards are over their limits
  • You have recent CCJs
  • You may have been refused credit elsewhere
  • You may be in a debt management plan

X monthly repayments of

Typical rate

Loan amount

Total payable




*for illustration purposes only

No impact on your credit score*

Representative Example

Borrowing £7,500 at a representative APR of 12.4%, annual interest rate (fixed) 12.36%, 47 monthly payments of £196.44 followed by 1 payment of £206.44 (incl. estimated £10 option to purchase fee), a deposit of £0.00, total cost of credit is £1,939.12, total amount payable is £9,439.12.

Evolution Funding Limited, trading as My Car Credit, is a credit broker and not a lender.

Please ensure you can afford the repayments for the duration of the loan before entering into a credit agreement.

*Initial application is a soft search. Should you progress, some lenders may perform a hard search on your credit file.

What is car finance?

Car finance is a catch-all term for a credit agreement which helps drivers throughout Northamptonshire spread the cost of their car. With car finance, you can get behind the wheel without having to pay a lump sum upfront for the vehicle. You borrow a pre-agreed amount of money against the purchase of a new or used vehicle, which you then pay off via a series of affordable monthly payments directly to the lender.
White audi purchased using car finance

The lender owns the car until you’ve made all necessary payments (plus interest and any ad-hoc charges). You get full use of the car during this time. There are different types of car finance. The type of car finance you go for will determine the amount you pay per month, the interest rate, terms of the agreement, and what happens to the car once all payments have been made.

Which type of car finance is best for you?

The flexibility and diversity of car finance options is one of its major benefits. The right car finance for you will depend on your unique need and circumstances, as well as the kinds of limitations or usage you need from your vehicle.

For example, with Hire Purchase (HP) car finance, an initial deposit isn’t always necessary, there’s no large balloon payment at the agreement’s end, and once you’ve made all your payments, you own the car in full.

Alternatively, Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) allows you to buy a car that’s slightly newer or higher spec because you’re making lower overall monthly repayments. You may face mileage limits, but you don’t automatically own the car at the end of the agreement.

The range of car finance agreements available allow you to select the right option according to your needs. This means that you’re not paying extra for features that you neither need nor want.

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Where can I find car finance in Northampton?

Traditionally, Northampton motorists would find their car finance through dealerships – but this had many disadvantages.

Drivers would have to spend valuable time and effort shopping between different dealers, trying to haggle for a better agreement. In this arrangement, dealers held all the cards, and were able to dictate the terms of the agreement, including interest rates and any ad-hoc costs.

Thankfully, that’s all changed. You can now find Northampton car finance online with My Car Credit. Our application process is all online, allowing you to get behind the wheel as quickly as possible.

Simply fill in our online application form with personal information and details about the kind of car finance that might be right for you. From there, we’ll perform an initial soft credit check and give you a no-obligation quote. You can then decide whether to advance your application or not.

You won’t face any hidden fees. My Car Credit are dedicated to helping drivers from Whilton to Earls Barton find car finance that’s accessible and affordable. We’re also part of the UK’s largest car finance broker, Evolution Funding. This means we have the broadest lending panel of any UK broker, so we can find you a great deal no matter your circumstances.

If you decide to advance your Northampton car finance application, we’ll use our UK-wide network of lenders to find the right agreement for you. You’ll have a sense of the kind of budget and timeline you’re working with. You can then shop around for your new set of wheels with a greater sense of financial control. We also have a one-stop shop of quality pre-approved new and nearly-new vehicles too – in case you want to find both your car finance and car in one place.

Colourful my car credit behind red Renault purchased using poor credit car loan

Car finance tailored to you

At My Car Credit, we appreciate that no one driver is the same. We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ policies. Instead, we offer car finance in Northampton that will accommodate your unique circumstances and requirements.

In fact, we can even help Northamptonshire motorists with poor credit ratings find car finance. Our initial credit check is a soft search, meaning it won’t impact your overall score. And don’t forget that by making your monthly repayments in a timely fashion, you’ll be improving your credit rating. This will stand you in better stead for future loan applications.

What’s more, your Northampton car finance is all secured online. It’s simple and stress-free to apply – simply fill in our online form to kickstart your application. It only takes minutes to fill in, and you’ll receive a speedy no-obligation quote. Plus, with us, the rate you see is the rate you get.

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Get approved

Fill in our online form to get an instant, online decision and no-obligation quote in mere minutes.

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Find your new drive

If you advance your car finance, you can shop around for your new set of wheels.

sign and collect for your new car bought with car finance

Sign the paperwork and collect your keys

We’ll manage any last-minute liaison with the lender. All paperwork is signed online. Once all parties are happy, you collect your keys.

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Secure car finance in Northampton with My Car Credit

We’ve worked hard to help Northampton drivers find car finance that’s both affordable and accessible, and speedy to secure.

Use our online application form to kickstart your car finance journey, or talk to one of our friendly specialists today on

my car credit adviser for car finance

Secure car finance in Northampton with My Car Credit

We’ve worked hard to help Northampton drivers find car finance that’s both affordable and accessible, and speedy to secure.

Use our online application form to kickstart your car finance journey, or talk to one of our friendly specialists today on