Technology is constantly moving forward. Just consider what your phone can do now compared to ten years ago. However, it’s not just our phones that are capable of doing more. Today’s cars are near-unrecognisable from their automotive forefathers. Here are some car technologies that could change the way we drive (sooner than you think)!


More fuel-efficient cars


This technology is set to dominate the next stage of the automotive industry – the increasing number of hybrid and electric cars cropping up every day stand testament to this. As many international governments commit to green energy plans, we believe green car technology will (one day) become the norm. Expect to see petrol stations doubling up as electric charge stations in the next decade. Very sci-fi!


Self-driving cars


Autonomous cars are causing a lot of excitement in the automotive industry. A number of companies have invested large amounts of money into cars that can drive and park by themselves. In fact, there is already a wealth of semi-autonomous technology out there, with more and more cars featuring auto-braking sensors, adaptive cruise control and self-parking features.


Energy-storing body panels


Hybrid and electric cars are already set to become the norm of the automotive industry. Whilst this is probably a good thing, there is one slight hang-up that needs some ironing out. The batteries required to run a green energy vehicle add a significant amount of weight onto the vehicle. That’s where energy-storing body panels come in. The idea is that the panels would be able to store some of the energy from the batteries, powering the vehicle when it needs it most. Reducing weight and increasing energy efficiency. Win-win.


Predictive vehicle technology


Artificial intelligence (AI) has a pivotal part to play when it comes to the future of car technology – especially when it comes to predictive vehicle technology. Put simply, this technology will tell you what your car needs when it needs it. Forget dashboard lights that tell you about issues with your engine or when to top up your petrol, the whole of your car’s performance will be tracked and relayed to you via your smartphone or laptop.


From the sensible to the sci-fi, there is no doubt that advancements in-car technology will change the way we drive. If you’re excited about the cars of tomorrow, but looking to finance a car for today – apply now or get in touch with our dedicated team of experts if you have any questions.