There are plenty of us who treat driving myths as if they’re gospel. Most of us heard about them when we were learning to drive. Some of us have probably even adjusted the way that we have driven ever since on account of these myths. We’re here to debunk five of the common driving myths, so you can drive worry-free!


Two pints is the limit for men and a large glass of wine is the limit for women


This is one of the most common (and most dangerous) driving myths around. Many people use ‘two pints for men, one large glass of wine for women’ as a strict rule when in fact there are many factors which can affect your blood-alcohol level. The amount you’ve eaten, how tired you are, whether you’ve exercised and any medication you are on can all affect your blood-alcohol level at any time. The best rule is to avoid alcohol if you’re driving. (Plus: Who said all men drink pints and women drink wine anyway?)


You get 10% flexibility over the speed limit 


No, you don’t. This has caught many people out and given them some unexpected speeding points too. Whilst many speed cameras allow for a 10% error in overestimation, this isn’t true of all them. Technically if you’re 1mph over the limit, you are liable for prosecution via a speed camera or otherwise. The best (and only) thing to do is to stay under the limit at all times.


I can use my phone in the car if it’s for sat nav 


Yes and no. Any unfixed phone that’s being used in the car (i.e. on your lap, balanced in a cup holder) is deemed unsafe and could lead to you receiving a fine for careless driving. If you’re using a phone for sat nav, it must be fixed by a phone holder either on the windscreen or dashboard.


Driving myths are amongst the least helpful myths around – they can affect the way we drive and cause us to make crucial mistakes. The next time you’re about to get behind the wheel bear in mind that unless it’s written into law, you should leave it by the roadside!