My Car Credit try to make getting car finance as easy as possible. However, there can be times when people get turned down.

We take the mystery out of why you were declined and give advice on how to get approved next time.

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Why might you get rejected for car finance?

You might have a mistake on your credit report
1 in 4 credit reports has a mistake on them. If you have not checked your credit history in a while, there might be incorrect information on your report such as a wrong address, old unfinished loans or bank accounts.

You have bad credit
Bad credit can follow you around for many reasons, such as being self-employed, not being able to provide sufficient proof of income, outstanding County Court Judgments (CCJs), defaults, arrears, or you may have had your home repossessed for non-payment of mortgage.

You have moved recently
Stability is a key factor in having a good credit score. If you have moved recently or have swapped banks alot this could adversely affect your credit report.

Your credit score wasn’t high enough
Your credit score is what most lenders will judge you on when offering you a car loan or finance. To see what lenders see and be clear on your credit history, become a member of UK Credit Ratings for free.

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