Picturing yourself behind the steering wheel of that new car? Then it’s time to look at car financing options. But with your finger hanging over the button to submit your online application, there is usually one question burning in the back of your mind... How much will it cost me to finance my car?

While costs and rates can vary from person to person, depending on their circumstances, My Car Credit aims to keep things simple.

Read on to see how we do our calculations and make every effort to get you the best car finance deal available from our large panel of lenders.

1. APR Calculator

First off, to get a rough idea of the finance charges on a new car loan, try out our car cost calculator. By entering the relevant details, you will get an indication of the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and have an overall view of all the costs involved, including the cost of monthly payments. Nothing is set in stone, with zero obligation on your end. But now that you have an estimate to work with, you can send in your application and let us do all the hard work for you.

2. Our Process

Once your application has been submitted, we first make sure we have everything we need. After the compliance phase, we look at suitability, eligibility, affordability and vulnerability by means of an aggregator.

This one-of-a-kind decision-making system aims to find our customers the best possible deal without affecting their credit rating or even slowing down their application. By automating and streamlining this part of the process we can provide consistent, compliant and auditable decisions for our clients, without adding any additional costs.

With comprehensive car finance offerings (from poor credit right through to excellent credit) and loads of experience backing our efforts, we are primarily concerned with making this testing part of the car buying journey a faster, hassle-free and more enjoyable experience. The last thing we want is for you to be plagued by unnecessary delays, costs or extra paperwork.

3. Car finance options

As part of Evolution Funding, we have access to a large pool of car loan companies. This means we can submit to more than 34 finance lenders at the same time and hunt down the sweetest deal for every individual, no matter how unique their circumstances.

With all these means at our disposal, we are better placed to find you the package that best suits your means than any other car finance broker.

4. Communication

We know how frustrating it can be to be in the dark. There is nothing worse than a lack of communication. That’s why we stay in touch and give updated feedback every step of the way, keeping you informed of how your application is progressing and what options are available to you. Our aim is to provide unequalled communication to our customers.

Find out how much a car loan costs

If you want to find out how much car finance costs, it couldn’t be simpler with My Car Credit. Click apply now, fill in your details and get a clear estimate for the cost of your car finance. It’s that easy.

Rates from 9.9% APR. Representative APR 12.4%

Evolution Funding Ltd T/A My Car Credit

My Credit Rating


  • You are a home owner
  • You have been on the electoral role for a long period of time
  • You have current credit arrangements and mortgage with no defaults
  • You have no CCJs, credit arrears or missed payments
  • You rarely apply for credit
  • You are employed or self-employed


  • You are on the electoral role
  • You are a home owner or long standing tenant
  • You have a stable employment history
  • You have current credit arrangements with occasional missed payments
  • You have no CCJs


  • You are or have recently been on the electoral role
  • You may have recently changed address
  • You may have occasional missed payments
  • You may have an old CCJ
  • You may have regularly applied for credit


  • You may have had frequent changes in address
  • You may not be traceable on the voters roll
  • You may have exceeded credit card limits
  • You may have missed payments on current agreements
  • You may have had a CCJ in the past


  • You may not be traceable on the voters roll
  • Your credit cards are over their limits
  • You have recent CCJs
  • You may have been refused credit elsewhere
  • You may be in a debt management plan

X monthly repayments of

Typical rate

Loan amount

Total payable




*for illustration purposes only

No impact on your credit score*

Representative Example

Borrowing £7,500 at a representative APR of 12.4%, annual interest rate (fixed) 12.36%, 47 monthly payments of £196.44 followed by 1 payment of £206.44 (incl. estimated £10 option to purchase fee), a deposit of £0.00, total cost of credit is £1,939.12, total amount payable is £9,439.12.

Evolution Funding Limited, trading as My Car Credit, is a credit broker and not a lender.

Please ensure you can afford the repayments for the duration of the loan before entering into a credit agreement.

*Initial application is a soft search. Should you progress, some lenders may perform a hard search on your credit file.

Require more help?

Got a question you can’t find the answer to, or need some advice and guidance around taking out car finance? Our Car Credit Specialists are friendly, experienced, and here to help so get in touch today!