When it comes to luxury cars, two German brands stand out above the rest – Audi and BMW. Both manufacturers have been around for decades, cultivating reputations that result in thousands of units being sold yearly. In the UK, BMW’s market share for the entire British sector was almost 10% in the first quarter of 2020, while Audi’s was 7.41% in the same period.

Essentially, there isn’t much between legendary brands, which is why it’s hard for customers to pick between them. You can’t go wrong with either, so why should you fret? The answer is that your vehicle is personal and should always reflect your needs and wants. Seeing as there are so many different models to pick from, it’s essential to understand what each brings to the table.

When it comes to Audi vs BMW, there are several features motorists should consider before signing on the dotted line. Keep reading as we take a closer look….

What do you get as standard?

When you fork out tens of thousands of pounds for a car, you want to know what you get for your money. Doing some research is vital as it’s down to the buyer to figure what’s included and what’s excluded. However, Audi and BMW are very good at throwing in extras to ensure their models are on a level playing field and superior to the competition.

For instance, Audi is a manufacturer that is synonymous with all-wheel-drive, a feature it uses throughout many of its cars. It uses front-wheel-drive platforms too. However, BMW prefers a rear-wheel-drive strategy because it provides better balance and handling, making Beamers easier and more enjoyable to drive.

Another element that petrolheads will love is the fact that BMW now turbocharges the majority of its engines. As a result, BMWs have extra power and respond incredibly well to their drivers’ commands without using fuel unnecessarily in the process. When you combine this with free maintenance for BMW owners for the first 36,000 miles, it appears as if you get more bang for your buck from Bayerische Motoren Werke AG.

Which is more reliable?

Of course, judging a car based on its specifications is wrong as it doesn’t reveal the big picture. Yes, Audi might not offer its customers as many freebies, but it makes up for it in the maintenance department. If your vehicle breaks down, you’ll spend more on a Beamer than you will an Audi because the former often top the list of the most expensive cars to repair.

According to data from YourMechanic, an Audi will charge you just under £9,000 in maintenance costs in the first decade of if its life. While it appears steep, the reality is that a new BMW is £4,000 more expensive in terms of maintenance during the same period. Considering that the basic versions of both brands’ models are upwards of £35,000, it’s important for drivers to avoid unnecessary fees.

Not only is Audi cheaper in this regard, but it’s also one of the most reliable manufacturers because it’s centred around a philosophy of reliability, also known as ‘Vorsprung Durch Technik’.

Styling vs performance – who wins?

The Audi vs BMW debate can be broken down into two categories – styling and performance. For motorists, a vehicle must walk the walk and talk the talk, which means being pretty and practical in equal measure.

From an aesthetics perspective, it’s universally recognised that Audi has the upper hand since it uses an understated design that is very sporty. BMWs are a little bolder, which makes them less easy on the eye. Plus, you can’t forget the fact that they have two almost identical ranges – the A3 and 1 Series. However, the A3 is regarded as the breakthrough model that transformed the hot hatchback range, leading rivals such as BMW and Mercedes to copy and follow suit.

Still, it’s not just about what’s on the surface. It’s also about what’s under the bonnet, and BMW is regularly viewed as a brand that puts the fun factor into driving. Firstly, the suspension is soft enough that you can take the kids to school, yet hard enough to support sharp bursts of speed.

Secondly, the rapid inline engines are quicker. The 1 Series does 0-62 in a shade over 10 seconds, whereas the A3 is closer to 11 seconds. Lastly, the technology is designed for BMW models, so nothing is shared. This is unlike Audi vehicles as they mix and match parts from the VW umbrella group.

Are they techy?

Okay, getting behind the wheel of modern vehicles isn’t like driving a Formula One car where the number of buttons and controls is enough to make the average person cry. However, technology is at the forefront of the experience because manufacturers want to ensure drivers are as comfortable, informed and entertained as possible.

A modern newcomer to the Audi vs BMW debate is analysing the infotainment centres positioned in the interiors of every new Audi and BMW car. Audi uses the MMI infotainment system, which isn’t as sharp graphics-wise but is powerful enough to pack a considerable punch. For example, the ‘Virtual Cockpit’ feature is lauded as smart and pragmatic.

BMW’s iDrive system is much cleaner regarding the visuals, which many motorists will prefer. However, it doesn’t have the same navigability or ease of use, although it is an upgrade on the first version that came out in 2001.

Audi vs BMW – which is better?

Above all else, the choice between Audi and BMW depends on what you want from your car. For example, Audis have better infotainment systems, are more reliable and less expensive to maintain, and come with an all-wheel-drive system that’s ideal for a myriad of conditions. BMW, on the other hand, is powerful, handles well due to its balance, and looks the part.

The truth is, you can’t go wrong with either manufacturer, which is why their reputations are among some of the best in the motoring world!

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