From golden retrievers, border collies and cocker spaniels to lovable mutts from local rescue societies, the UK is a nation of dog lovers. The latest stats from the World Animal Foundation reveal around 10 million households, or roughly 34% of Brits, share their homes with a pup. Dogs are especially popular with families, with around 77% of households with children also caring for a four-legged friend.

Walks around the block are one thing but when it comes to trips to the vet, road trips and out-of-town adventures, a car is essential. At My Car Credit we’re a self-confessed bunch of dog lovers which is why we’ve put together this guide to the best cars for dogs.

1. BMW 5 Series Touring

Launched in 2017, the BMW 5 Series Touring was quick to turn heads with its refined blend of luxury, comfort and functionality. Along with the coveted BMW badge and luxe interior, the model is loaded with canine-friendly features. For example, a lip-free electric boot that opens at the touch of a button and invites your dog to jump in without a fuss.

Clever extras like a 12V socket make it easy to plug in a vacuum and clean up after muddy paws. Up in the cabin, you’ll enjoy high-end features like dual digital control and instrument displays plus built-in BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant software.

2. Volkswagen Polo 

Cute and compact, the Volkswagen Polo has been loved by Brits since the 1970s. It does a fantastic job of maximising space, making this model one of the best cars for dogs. The cabin feels spacious and functional while the 351-litre boot is more than capable of accommodating small to medium sized dogs. In fact, it’s one of the largest supermini boots out there.

Unlock even more size by folding down the rear seats and creating a large area for your dog to stretch out. With prices starting at just over £20,000 for new models, the Volkswagen Polo offers excellent value for money in its size class.

3. Land Rover Discovery 

Looking for a vehicle worthy of the Queen’s corgis themselves? Look no further than the Land Rover Discovery. British owned and made, these iconic models offer bucketloads of space and unrivalled luxury. The enormous seven-seater promises more than enough room for the whole family, including Fido.

It’s just at home on the streets of London as it is on country roads and offroad tracks. Buy new and you have the option of adding on a Pet Pack, which features an easy-to-clean rubber boot liner and a floor-to-ceiling metal luggage barrier.

With all seven seats in use, you’ll get just over 250 litres of boot space. It’s plenty of room for a small dog though for larger breeds you’ll probably want to keep the rear two seats down. This makes a huge difference and gives you more than 1,100 litres of boot space – more than enough for monster breeds like great Danes, Newfoundlanders and Leonbergers. Plus, you’ll still have room for a driver and four passengers.

4. MG 5

With up to 250 miles of range on a single charge, the MG 5 holds its own against other popular EVs on the market. This small estate car is one of the best cars for dogs and features a low-profile that makes it easy to pups to jump in and out. A maximum boot capacity of 1,367 litres ensures there’s plenty of space for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

And of course, the impressive range makes the MG 5 more than capable of getting you to all the best dog-friendly walking trails, parks and beaches. If you’re looking for the best cars for dogs to minimise your carbon footprint (and your dog’s carbon pawprint) the MG 5 is a pup-approved choice.

5. Volkswagen Passat GTE

When it comes to dog-friendly plugin hybrids, it’s hard to look past the Volkswagen Passat GTE. A great allrounder, this estate vehicle will take you from the motorway to the countryside with ease.

Whether you’re heading to an urban dog park or a pet-friendly trail in the Lake District, the Volkswagen Passat GTE will get you there with a low carbon footprint. You can cover up to 30 miles using all-electric power, then switch to the combustion engine if you need to go further. The model is no longer offered new, but you will find some excellent deals on the used market.

6. Nissan Qashqai

Space and practicality make midsize SUVs hugely popular with pet owners. Genuine offroad capabilities combined with an excellent safety rating have earned the Nissan Quashi a place in our roundup of the best cars for dogs. The model has won a slew of awards over the past few years which means you can get behind the wheel with absolute peace of mind.

7. Dacia Duster

It’s tough to compete with the Dacia Duster when it comes to dog-friendly features. For starters, prices start at under £15,000, meaning you’ll have more cash to spend on bones, dog treats and other goodies! In all seriousness, this is one of the most affordable new cars on the British market which makes it accessible to all kinds of dog owners. Enjoy almost 450 litres of boot space with all the seats in use or fold down the rear seats and increase capacity to more than 1,600 litres.

No, this model isn’t packed with high-tech features and doesn’t feel luxurious when it comes to interior materials. But on the upside, you don’t have to worry about sharp claws, mud and slobber ruining your brand-new set of wheels.

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