Whether your commute lasts 10 minutes or an hour plus, a well-appointed car can completely transform your commute. At My Car Credit we’re committed to helping Brits choose the best cars for their needs, which is why we’ve put together this best car for commuting roundup. From fuel efficient superminis to luxury saloons, we’ve cherry-picked cars for every commuter.

1. Citroen Ami – Best Innovator

Looking for an all-electric commuter car that won’t break the bank? The Citroen Ami isn’t just one of the most affordable EVs in the UK. It’s also one of the best-priced cars, period. Prices start at just under £8,000 which makes the model incredible value for money.

Yes, it comes with a bit of a catch. It’s technically an electric quadricycle and cleverly marketed as a mobility solution, as opposed to an EV. But that doesn’t stop it from being one of our best car for commuting picks. Powered by a 5.5kWh battery, this pocket rocket can reach speeds of up to 28mph and offers up to 46 miles of range on a single charge. An impressive turning circle of just 7.2 metres makes pulling off tight urban manoeuvres a cinch. Even better, it charges in just four hours.

2. Skoda Superb Estate – Best Hybrid

The Skoda Superb Estate is an eco-conscious hybrid model that’s made our best car for commuting roundup. The plug-in hybrid version offers around 40 miles of electric range – more than enough for longer commutes. If you need to drive further the petrol engine kicks in and gets you there. In terms of design, the Skoda Superb Estate is sleek enough to feel at home in the city and spacious enough for family road trips.

3. BMW i3 – Best Luxury EV

Compact yet luxurious, the BMW i3 is has earned its place on our best car for commuting list. The 170hp electric motor delivers instant power, making it easy to accelerate on the motorway or switch lanes in a pinch.

Behind the body is a sleek interior featuring luxe, eco-friendly materials like eucalyptus wood. A clean and uncluttered dash makes it easy to focus when you’re navigating city traffic. Enjoy up to 160 miles of range and at-home charging costs of around £6. Buy new or pick up a second-hand BMW i3 for under £30,000.

4. Ford Focus – Best Value for Money

Reliable and affordable, it’s hard to beat the Ford Focus when it comes to value for money. If you’re looking for a commuter car that will get you from A to B without a fuss, you can’t go wrong with this zippy model. Now in its fourth generation, this British bestseller comes in a variety of petrol and diesel options, as well as hybrid option for those looking to slash CO2 emissions.

5. Nissan Juke – Best Head Turner

Some motorists like to blend in on the roads and others love to turn heads. If you fall into the latter category, you’ll swoon over the Nissan Juke. This SUV stands out with a boxy design and unique styling. Enjoy unsurpassed visibility thanks to the high driving position and loads of tech like an interactive touchscreen media system and Bluetooth connectivity for higher trim levels. The Juke was reinvented in 2019 which means there are plenty of deals to be had for past-generation models.

6. Tesla Model 3 – Best EV

With impressive range of up to 374 miles, the Tesla Model 3 is ideal for commutes and road trips alike. Skip the forecourt and cruise straight to the office, with zero congestion zone charges. The electric drivetrain is whisper-quiet on the motorway and practically purrs along urban streets.

Tesla has packed the Model 3 with advanced driver-assist technology which makes it the best car for commuting after a long day at work. When your focus starts to slip, the Model 3 has your back. Use your car for work and play? Boot capacity of 425 litres makes the Tesla Model 3 a practical choice for weekends away. Pack it with everything from butter-soft leather weekender bags to back-to-basics camping gear.

7. Audi A6 – Best Luxury Saloon

Audi has once again mastered the art of understated luxury in the A6. You’ll feel pleased as punch pulling up to the office in this upmarket saloon. Choose the petrol-powered hybrid model and you’ll enjoy just over 30 miles of electric range in a single trip. If you want a vehicle that combines the flexibility of petrol with the environmental and cost-saving credentials of EV technology, the Audi A6 is one of the best cars for commuting.

8. BMW 5 Series – Best Driver Experience

Transition from the city to the countryside with ease in the BMW 5 Series. The executive saloon is now in its eight generation and classier than ever. It’s sleek, sporty and boasts all the signature design elements that BMW drivers covet. Think an extended wheelbase, oversized bonnet and fluid roof silhouette. The infotainment system is unrivalled and makes the daily commute a pleasure.

9. Kia Sportage – Best Allrounder

SUVs are incredibly practical for weekends but can be a headache when it comes to city driving. The Kia Sportage is the perfect compromise, with a compact design that offers all the space and power of an SUV, without the extra bulk. It’s relatively affordable to run and offers excellent MPG numbers considering its status as a mid-sized SUV. As well as commuting to and from work, the Kia Sportage steps up for school runs, supermarket shops, weekend road trips and more.   

10. Peugeot 208 – Best for Fuel Efficiency

Loved by motorists across Europe, the Peugeot 208 is one of the most fuel efficient internal combustion engine cars on the market. Unlock up to 72 MPG and keep your CO2 emissions as low as 110g/km. If you’re not quite ready to make the switch to an EV but want to save money at the forecourt, the Peugeot 208 is the best car for commuting.

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