Years ago, when the only available car colours were white, black and silver, the choice was relatively easy. Now, however, there are just as many car colours to pick from as there are shades of paint for your living room wall. Red, maroon, green, blue, grey, yellow… the list is pretty much endless!


Experts believe that ‘Colour Psychology’ plays a big role in a car buyer’s choice of colour, with some car buyers taking days (sometimes even weeks) to make a decision. According to experts, this is because your choice of car colour has strong links to your personality and can send subliminal messages to people around you.


My Car Credit takes a look at what the colour of your car says about you.


Silver – You are a calm, confident and cool driver. Silver is the 3rd most popular colour in the UK and often represents modernity and innovation.


Blue – Blue represents stability and safety, indicating you are a safe and cautious driver with a quiet and loyal manner.


Black – Experts argue that drivers of black cars enjoy power, they like to stamp their authority on the road and can be intimidating to other drivers, black is often a popular choice for luxury cars.


Yellow/Orange – People that drive an orange/yellow car are often optimists. According to experts, driving a yellow/orange car indicates that you are a happy person and perhaps a bit of a risk taker.


Red – Drivers of red cars usually have high levels of energy and hold a ‘get up and go’ attitude. Drivers of red cars often have a ‘need for speed’.


Grey –According to the experts, drivers of grey cars are often knowledgeable and reliable, these drivers prefer not to stand out and prefer to be subtle on the roads.


White – Fresh and clean, drivers of white cars have a need for organisation and hold a high regard for themselves.