We hate to break it to you, but if you’re above six feet tall and trying to fit into a Smart car or Mini Cooper, it might not be the best car for you. No one wants to wrestle with either back or neck pain as a result of their car. This is why finding the right cars for tall people is so important.

If you’re banging your head on your current vehicle or have to push either the driver or passenger seat to its limits in order to squeeze in, the chances are you need to upgrade your car. But just because you need extra space, doesn’t mean you should be sacrificing style or substance.

Plenty of modern cars offer headroom and foot space – and not just SUVs, either. There are some hatchbacks and estates that will also do the job well. To help you streamline your search, we’ve compiled a list of the best cars for tall people – read on to find out more.

The top 7 cars for tall people

When you’re searching for your car, take time to check if the model you’re testing really offers maximum space adjustments. For example, some will have steering wheels that move. It’s also best to avoid a car with a panoramic sunroof. The reason for this is that the necessary features can be bulky, taking up those extra few inches of vital space.

1.    Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 is a universally popular car, world-round. It’s also hugely practical – both for taller drivers and larger families, thanks to three rows of seat and a huge boot. Its box-like shape is still sleek whilst affording passengers enough headroom. What’s more, with 1,071mm of space in the front, there’s also room for longer legs. Rear seat passengers also have over a metre of room, too – so minimal squabbling from the kids on a longer journey.

The interior is elegant and well-designed, with all of the swish features you’d expect of an Audi. More over, although the outside is somewhat boxy, it’s still very stylish. All in all, the Audi Q7 is a robust vehicle offering enough space for taller people without sacrificing on design or style.

2.    Volkswagen Polo Hatchback

That’s right, we’ve included the Volkswagen Polo in this list – just because it’s a small car, doesn’t mean it can’t accommodate taller drivers. In fact, with over a metre of headroom in the front, the Polo is great for those who need more space. Plus, with five doors, the model is slightly longer in the body, making it great for lengthier limbs.

With an eight-inch touchscreen, DAB radio and air conditioning, you’ll get a great range of features with even the most basic model. In addition, you can include dual-zone climate control, parking sensors, and auto wipers if you go higher spec. These cars are super popular for a reason and are the absolute dream for nipping around city streets. It also won’t break the bank – a very welcome fact!

3.    Volvo XC60

It’s not the cheapest option for taller drivers, but it’s good looking and spacious – plus, like all Volvos, it’s supremely safe. You get decent front headroom and space in the back, with seven seats available if you need it (although it’s a bit of a squeeze). The XC60 is a sleek SUV that’ll get the job done. What’s more, you can opt for a hybrid vehicle if that’s your preference, but the entry-level diesel model is reasonably cheap to run.

The car is also very quiet – great for long-distance journeys – and will carry nearly 500 litres of luggage. If you’re also looking for a vehicle that will tow well (if you’re a fan of caravan holidays, for example), this is a great option.

4.    Mercedes E-Class Estate

With over 1.6m of headroom for front-seat occupants, you’d have to be extraordinarily tall not to fit comfortably in the E-Class! There’s also over 1m headroom for those in the second seating room, too, and the car itself is supremely comfortable.

Plus, because it’s a Mercedes, the design – both interior and exterior – is very swish and sleek. You also still get boot space, which is a bonus if you’re shopping round for a family car.

5.    Mazda CX-5

Another SUV, this car offers an excellent amount of interior space, making it ideal for drivers needing more legroom and larger families. The driver and passenger get over 1m of headroom, but the car will still hold over 500 litres of luggage. The interior is basic but practical. Furthermore, the exterior of the car still wins style points – plus it’s a great car to drive, which is a fairly vital selling point!

6.    Honda Jazz Hatchback

We’ve added another hatchback to this list in order to offer some balance alongside the SUVs – but don’t be put off. Admittedly, the Honda Jazz is a little boxy in design. However, that helps it navigate tight streets well, so it’s a great urban vehicle.

Honda has what’s called a ‘Magic Seat’ system, which means your seat will adjust to find a driving position that works for you. The headroom is great, and the rear seats offer plentiful space for stretching out too, but there’s still room for a boot.

7.    Citroen Berlingo

It’s not the best-looking vehicle on this list, but because its design is based on a van, you have guaranteed space in the Berlingo. There’s actually so much headroom that the model has a 90-litre storage area above the heads of passengers.

Every seat has ample headroom thanks to the van design. Consequentially, even if you have a host of the tallest humans around, everyone should feel comfortable. What’s more, this car is very affordable and reliable. Not to mention, it performs well even if you’re towing a heavy horse trailer or bike rack.

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