With November here, the inevitable is sure to descend upon us – Winter Weather.


However that doesn’t stop us Brits being surprised each year and if nothing else, it gives us something to talk about!


The unpredictable conditions Winter Weather brings can create all sorts of problems for British roads and drivers each year.



So, how can I do my best to avoid these problems?


Be prepared! My Car Credit takes a look at some basic preparations you can make to your car this Winter.



Gear up for ice on the roads!


Make sure you are wearing comfortable and dry shoes.


Avoid spinning on the ice by pulling away in second gear rather than first – at low speeds.


When travelling up hill, avoid the need to stop part way up by waiting if it is clear of other cars or make sure you leave plenty of room to the car in front.





During winter, heavy rainfall, icy roads and thick snow can cause havoc. This is when you need your brakes most, so make sure they are in full working order. You could consider a full brake check, as many garages offer these free of charge.



Keep your screen clean!


Frost, heavy rain, hail and falling snow can be hazardous to pedestrians, so make sure your windscreen is clean to maximise your visibility at all times.


Also ensure that your windscreen wipers are in full, working condition.



Be seen!


No one can see you if your lights aren’t working or switched on, keep them clean and shining bright!



Prepare your tyres!


If you are experiencing weather that is more than the occasional snowfall, it may be the indicator that is needed to fit your car with winter tyres. Winter tyres come with better grip, boosting the performance of your car on the road.



Prepare yourself – make yourself a winter survival kit


Contents to consider –

Food/drink (unperishable)


In-car mobile charger


Washing fluid


High visibility jacket

Jump leads

Petrol canister



And finally… check your levels of antifreeze and windshield wiper fluids, your system should contain a 50/50 water-to-antifreeze ratio. You can test it at your local garage or purchase a tester kit.



Are there any tips that you have for coping with the Winter weather? We’d love to hear them!