With its boxy silhouette, signature “go-kart” handling and undeniable charm, the MINI Cooper is a British icon. The model is one of the best-selling cars of all time and has been driven by a slew of celebrities over the decades, from Kate Moss and Twiggy to George Harrison and Mr Bean.

There’s no denying the popularity of the model, which first hit roads in the 1960s and hasn’t looked back since. So, should I buy a MINI Cooper? Here’s a few reasons why we think the MINI Cooper is a solid choice.

Why we love the MINI Cooper

There’s plenty to love about the MINI Cooper, with some of our favourite perks listed below:

All about fun

If you’re the kind of driver that likes to have a good time behind the wheel, you’ll love the MINI Cooper. Fun is at the heart of the beloved British brand, and the MINI Cooper has a certain charisma that you just don’t see in other models. While some models offer drivers a certain kind of status, the MINI Cooper is more about community. It rejects long-established class barriers and instead appeals to drivers from all walks of life. This is why you’ll see everyone from rock stars and supermodels to everyday Brits behind the wheels of MINI Coopers.

“Soon enough, people began to recognize that the MINI was not merely a car. The unique combination of classic British style in a low-cost, small size, fun and nimble package came to symbolize independence and spontaneity. The very essence of the youthful 1960s culture,” reads the MINI website.

For a serious injection of fun, consider models like the MINI Convertible. This soft-top model is perfect for cruising around in the summer. Head to the seaside for bucket-and-spade fun or glide along country roads with the wind in your hair. When the weather cools down, simply put up the roof, crank up the heating and enjoy a cosy cockpit.

Eye-catching aesthetics

The compact design of the MINI Cooper was initially designed to meet the needs of post-war Britain. Today, the boxy silhouette is nothing short of iconic. This distinctive design means that when you zip around in a MINI Cooper, everybody knows about it. Unlike a regular sedan or hatchback, there’s nothing quite like the MINI Cooper on British roads.

Surprisingly spacious

Unlike other models that are just finding their feet, the MINI Cooper is more than 50 years in the making. This means the brand has had decades to refine the design. It may look compact on the outside but on the inside, you’ll be blown away by the space. In fact, many tall drivers maintain it’s one of the most comfortable cars to drive!

Parking is a breeze

When it comes to parking, the MINI Cooper is a pleasure to park. Whether you’re sliding into a tight parallel space in Central London or backing into a spot at your local Tesco, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to park a MINI Cooper.

All-electric options

The EV revolution is here and MINI is onboard. Sales for the fully electric MINI Cooper SE almost doubled in 2021. This makes the fully-electric model one of the most popular in the MINI range.

“The excellent overall result and the fact that every tenth new MINI is fully electric show that our strategy for the future is setting the right priorities,” says Bernd Korber, Head of MINI. “The MINI community is growing, and it is moving towards electromobility with great strides.”

Fuel efficient

As mentioned earlier, the original MINI was designed to help Brits tighten their belts following the economic impact of WWII. The Suez Crisis triggered a spike in petrol prices, which put fuel efficiency front of mind when designing the MINI Cooper. The model continues to offer the same excellent mileage, with the latest MINI Cooper S 5-Door Hatch promising 45.6 mpg. Plain and simple, the compact design of the MINI Cooper means you’ll use less petrol and enjoy big savings at the forecourt.


Back in the 1950s, renowned auto designer Alec Issigonis was commissioned to create a small car that met the budgets of most Brits. In the 1960s, British racing star John Cooper revamped the design. He supercharged power and performance, without pushing up the price.

Today, not much has changed. The MINI Cooper continues to boast a surprisingly affordable price tag, considering its grand legacy. Buy new and you can expect to pay around £22,500 for a three-door MINI and £23,200 for a five-door model.

Tips to get behind the wheel of a MINI Cooper faster

Despite affordable pricing, not too many Brits can afford to drop £20,000+ on a new MINI Cooper. But not to worry, there are still ways to get into the driver’s seat. Here’s how:

Consider a pre-owned MINI Cooper

The MINI Cooper has been around since the 1960s, which means there are plenty of second-hand options to choose from. Buying second-hand can be a fantastic way to secure the keys to a MINI Cooper, without the showroom price tag.

Pro tip: Use platforms like My Car Search to browse pre-owned MINI Coopers and get an idea for what’s available. We carefully vet all sellers for status with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which means you can buy second-hand with absolute peace of mind.

Take advantage of car finance

Whether you’re shopping for a new MINI Cooper or a pre-loved model, car finance can help you get behind the wheel faster. Instead of coughing up all at once, car finance allows you to spread out your payments over several years.

Discover car finance for your own MINI Cooper

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