While we love British brands like MINI and Land Rover, nothing compares to Mitsubishi when it comes to reliability, quality and value for money. The Japanese manufacturer is wildly popular in the UK and for good reason. So, should I buy a Mitsubishi in the UK? Read on for our complete guide, which has been designed to help you decide if a Mitsubishi is right for you.

What we love about Mitsubishi

Japanese manufacturing is synonymous with quality and attention to detail. Mitsubishi is no exception, and the company prides itself on building comfortable and affordable cars. Beyond the obvious perks of Japanese manufacturing, here’s a few reasons why we recommend getting behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi:

A long history of innovation

Mitsubishi has always pushed the envelope when it comes to innovation. For example, the company took the concept of AWD to the next level with its Super All-Wheel Control system. Engineered to dramatically improve stability, control and handling, the system engages all four tyres, so drivers can enjoy total peace of mind on even the most challenging terrain. Should I buy a Mitsubishi in the UK? If you’re all about innovation, the answer is yes!

Generous features

While some manufacturers ask motorists to pay for basic upgrades, Mitsubishi is generous when it comes to standard features. In most models, you can expect to see high-tech infotainment systems, advanced climate control, keyless ignition and superlative security included.

Should I buy a Mitsubishi in the UK? If you love to get the best bang for your buck, you’ll love Mitsubishi. For example, the popular Mitsubishi ASX is one of the best-value SUVs on the market and packed with state-of-the-art entertainment options and safety features.

Excellent fuel economy

Should I buy a Mitsubishi in the UK if fuel economy is a priority? Definitely. Affordability is front of mind at Mitsubishi, so it’s no surprise engineers place a big focus on fuel economy. With petrol prices hitting never-before-seen highs in the UK, fuel efficiency has never been more important for British motorists.

Most Mitsubishi models deliver, including the best-selling Mirage. Small and compact, the 1.2-litre petrol engine model offers an impressive 56.5mpg. Depending on the specs, CO2 emissions range from 113-127g/km, a big drawcard for eco-conscious motorists. While new models are no longer available to purchase in the UK, you’ll see plenty of Mirages on the used car market.

Terrific plug-in hybrid options

An increasing number of motorists are embracing the ‘best of both worlds’ benefits offered by plug-in hybrid vehicles. So, should I buy a Mitsubishi in the UK if I’m looking for plug-in hybrid (PHEV) options? Absolutely! Mitsubishi launched the Outlander PHEV in 2013 and the model has been winning over Brits ever since. The combination of a petrol powered engine and plug-in capability has made the model a perennial favourite with drivers looking to transition to an electric car, without making an exclusive commitment.

Under the hood is a powerful 2.4-litre petrol engine, plus a pair of electric motors. In EV mode the car can clock 28 miles, making it ideal for daily commutes, school runs and everyday errands. If you need to cover longer distances, the petrol engine will get you there. On top of incredible fuel efficiency, the Outlander PHEV boasts generous dimensions.

An increasing UK presence

Mitsubishi may be a Japanese company, but it maintains a strong presence in the UK. While the company recently announced plans to depart the European market in the wake of sluggish sales, a new deal with Renault will see Mitsubishi models built in the French-owned plants. This is great news for Brits and will ensure Mitsubishis continue to maintain a presence on UK roads.  

Following the recent acquisition by the IM Group, the company also opened new offices in Cirencester. It will be HQ for Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, with IM Group Managing Director Andrew Edmiston calling it an “exciting day” for the company.

“We were delighted to bring on board the Mitsubishi Team and now that the business transition is complete, they have become fully part of the IM Group,” says Edmiston. “Retaining an office in Cirencester was really important to us so the opportunity at Watermoor Point provided the perfect solution.”

Some drawbacks of driving a Mitsubishi

As we explored above, there’s plenty to love about Mitsubishis. But of course, they’re not for everyone. Below, we take a closer look at some of the drawbacks you might encounter when driving a Mitsubishi:

Lacks luxury

Despite offering plenty of complimentary extras and add-ons, Mitsubishi models lack the luxury of other manufacturers. While comfortable, you won’t see features like premium leather interiors and butter-soft dashboards. Of course, this keeps prices low and makes a Mitsubishi an excellent choice for budget-conscious motorists.

Power and acceleration

Another barrier to ownership is power and acceleration. While Mitsubishi engines are of excellent quality, they don’t necessarily offer the same oomph as other manufacturers. If you’re looking for serious power and acceleration, a Mitsubishi may not be the right choice for you. That said, they’re more than capable of getting you from A to B. Most drivers will be more than happy with the on-road performance offered by Mitsubishi models.

No all-electric options… yet!

Mitsubishi has enjoyed huge success with its PHEV models. However, the company has yet to dip its toes into the all-electric market. Mitsubishi has launched a fully electric model in Japan, but the company has confirmed it won’t enter the British market until it has a solid EV model to offer.

“In order to survive in Europe definitely we need an EV platform, so an EV will be a very strong possibility for us,” says Mitsubishi CEO Takao Kato. In other words, watch this space.

Drive your ambition with Mitsubishi

Should I buy a Mitsubishi in the UK? For most motorists, a Mitsubishi is an excellent choice. As touched on earlier, the company has revived its presence in the UK, which means you can still enjoy access to dedicated Mitsubishi service centres and customer assistance.

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