From navigating traffic-choked streets to squeezing into small parking spots, driving poses a range of challenges for new motorists. This is where small beginner cars really step up. Compact and easy to handle, small cars are a great way to gain confidence behind the wheel. Not to mention save on petrol and reduce your environmental footprint.

There’s plenty to love about small beginner cars, which is why we’ve put together a list of our favourite models below. From budget-friendly options to luxury models, there’s something for everyone in our roundup.

1.   Ford Fiesta

With compact styling, easy handling and loads of extras, it’s no surprise the Ford Fiesta is one of the best-selling small beginner cars in Britain. The model has been in production since the 1970s, which means you’ll find plenty of options on the second-hand market.

That said, it’s hard to look past the latest generation of Ford Fiestas. Features like an ultra-modern digital instrument cluster with interactive controls take your driving experience to the next level. Even better are the eco-friendly credentials offered by the Ford Fiesta. Advanced EcoBoost Hybrid PowerShift technology improves fuel economy, slashes CO2 emissions and makes the Ford Fiesta one of the best small beginner cars for eco-conscious drivers. Performance is particularly impressive in the stop/start traffic that often plagues major cities.

2.   Volkswagen Polo

Small but mighty, the Volkswagen Polo is one of the top small beginner cars. It’s packed with intelligent technology to make your journey as smooth and stress-free as possible. A digitalised cockpit streamlines the dashboard and makes it easy to keep tabs on your speed, mileage and petrol usage.  

Night driving can be intimidating for new drivers, which is what makes the revolutionary IQ.LIGHT Matrix LED headlight technology of the Volkswagen Polo so appealing. This innovative feature means you can drive with your full beams permanently switched on, without blinding other drivers.

3.   Nissan Micra

The name says it all. The Nissan Micra boasts ultra-compact dimensions, yet still manages to offer a surprisingly spacious interior. Perfect if you’re looking for small beginner cars that are easy to drive, park and manoeuvre through traffic. The latest models are available with both manual and automatic transmission. Just take your pick.

4.   Hyundai i10

Affordable and reliable, the Hyundai i10 is a firm favourite on our roundup of the best small beginner cars. This model is compact enough for city driving but comfortable enough to take on road trips and other adventures.

5.   MINI

The MINI is a cult classic and remains one of the most coveted small beginner cars. From George Harrison and Kate Moss to Steve McQueen and Rowan Atkinson, the MINI has celebrity status, without the sky-high price tag of luxury models. As a beginner driver, you’ll love the responsive “go-kart handling” and zippy feel.

The latest all-electric MINI has rave reviews and is a great option for eco-minded new drivers. Or if you’re looking for something really fun, consider an open-top MINI Convertible.

6.   SEAT Ibiza

The best-selling SEAT Ibiza has been one of the best small beginner cars since it launched in the 1980s. The Spanish manufacturer has done a fantastic job of updating the model over the decades and ensuring it continues to appeal to modern motorists. The latest models will impress you with its innovative design and features, including driver assist technology.

This small beginner car is classed as a supermini, which means it’s a fusion of a hatchback and a city vehicle. There’s enough space to comfortably accommodate two adults and luggage, or a furry friend if that’s how you roll.

7.   Skoda Fabia

Comparable to the Ford Fiesta, the Skoda Fabia has well and truly earned its place in our small beginner cars hall of fame. An affordable price point and great fuel economy makes this model a solid choice for new motorists.

8.   Nissan LEAF

When it comes to autonomous driving, Nissan offers some of the best tech in the business. The brand’s advanced ProPilot system treats you to features like lane-keeping assist, automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control. For new drivers, this type of technology is invaluable.

According to Nissan, the technology “significantly reduces driver stress when driving on highways in several kinds of traffic conditions, making long drives more comfortable and enjoyable.”

Take advantage of autonomous parking and your vehicle will literally park itself. This makes the LEAF one of the best small beginner cars for urban motorists.

9.   Volkswagen Up

Forever a favourite, the Volkswagen Up wins over new drivers with next-gen features and fun trim options. The compact design doesn’t mean you have to compromise on storage space, with the roomy boot easily fitting everything from strollers to suitcases.  

10.  Audi A1 Sportback

From lane departure warnings to park assist, the Audi A1 Sportback offers incredible autonomous driving technologies. Like ProPilot from Nissan, these can be a huge help to new drivers. We especially love that the park assist helps you exit tight spaces, as well as slide into them. Genius. Consider car finance options and getting behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle like an Audi A1 Sportback is easier than you think.

Get behind the wheel of the best small beginner cars

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