For most people, after buying a house, a new car is the second most expensive purchase they will ever make.
Therefore it is vital that you test drive the car you are looking to buy before making such a big commitment.
Some people see a test drive as standard procedure but it can actually be the biggest and most important part of your car buying journey.



My Car Credit share 5 steps to guide you through getting the most out of your test drive…



Book your slot

Car showrooms are busy places, so to avoid disappointment, book your slot.
Busier days tend to be weekends and bank holidays.
Choose a day when you have plenty of time to avoid rushing things through with the car salesman, after all you’ll want to take the time to really get to know the car, since it’s likely you’ll be driving it for the next few years.



Don’t forget your documents

Remember your driving license, it’s surprising how many people forget and can’t proceed with their test drive. If other customers are interested in the same car it could cost you your dream car!



Adjust the car to suit you

Feel free to move the seat and steering wheel if you need to. Take note of how easy it is to get in and out of the car and to adjust and operate specific parts. Consider your circumstances, do you have a baby, young children, pets that will be regular passengers? If so, make sure the car you are test driving is well suited and will cater for all your needs.



Drive as you normally would

Don’t just ‘drive around’ during your time in the car. You need to test out every aspect of how it drives, so try braking, overtaking cars, hill-starts, and maybe even parking.



Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask the car salesman every question that comes into your mind. They’re there to help, so it makes sense to take advantage of their expertise and knowledge.
Make sure that you enquire about all details of the car including the engine, suspension, steering, brakes, the clutch, the gearbox, and fuel economy.




Our team of Car Credit Specialists are always on hand to help you with all aspects of your car buying journey, so if you do have any questions regarding the car you are looking to buy, call us on 01246 458810 or email 


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